Having watched Botswana snatch victory from Pakistan in a mini World Cup at the BCA the night before, day 3 started early with the hour and a half drive to Kanye south of Gaborone, just missing 2 scary accidents.

Eventually we arrived at Motstatsing primary school after in temperatures approaching 40 degrees, where a donkey was grazing on the outfield and were greeted with open arms by the head of sport.

After a short prayer ceremony, Gellers started the coach education with a game of hand hockey; Botswana v CWB. Result 1-0 to Botswana. After a short break, we all played a game of continuous cricket, before the serious business of the HIV/AIDS message delivered by Mark, the teachers undertook batting, bowling and fielding drills on a pitch that could only be described as concrete interspersed with sand and patches of grass.

in the afternoon, 140 children arrived from 3 other local schools in two combis, loaded with 30-40 children in each, Gellers organised a fielding session incorporating the ABC message, incorporating lots of chanting.

The day ended with continuous cricket played in teams of about 20 a side, which the children enjoyed immensely, followed t-shirt and wristband presentations