After a long trek to Gabaronne, a short 25 minute drive from the city and our hotel took us to the village of Ramotswa on to Seboko primary school, to coach and play on their dustbowl oval in 35 degree heat.

We were met by the deputy headmistress who welcomed us to the school and the teachers who we'd be coaching later.

Firstly, we were asked to present trophies and medals to a school team who had recently won a Botswana cricket association competition

Then it was off to work, or so we thought…..

For a while it looked like we'd outnumber the teachers, and we killed a bit of time playing cricket with the prize winning children.

And after a longer delay than we'd anticipated, a number of teachers from Seboko and other local schools turned up to learn how to coach cricket.

They were taken through the basics of batting, bowling and fielding by "Gellers" our coach tutor, and the other coaches helped them through the basics.

Then it was off to a short presentation ceremony, followed by a spot of lunch that the school provided for us.

Another wait and then the children started rolling up. Then a few more and then a few more until about 150-160 children ranging from 8-13 years old showed up.

A great day was had by all; we coached 10 teachers and 150-160 children, then hot sweaty and covered in dust we retired back to the hotel.